XCoin exchange received $8 million investment from Hovito Foundation

According to related news, the Hovito Foundation announced a strategic investment in XCoin, with an investment amount of US$8 million. As an important milestone in the development and growth of XCion, this has also allowed XCion’s valuation to quickly rise to US$20 million, further proving the value and potential of theproject in the cryptocurrency trading […]

Navigation, decentralized➕AI computing power platform

If you want to ask what is the most popular thing in 2023 AD, it must be AI.Since this year, AI has become far more popular than blockchain. The breakthrough development of chatgpt has brought unprecedented popularity to AI. Giants are gearing up. AI has also achieved new success in integrating with various industries, especially […]

Pursuing the Future of Real-World Assets:Exploration Unleashed: Web3 and RWAs Event Has Successfully Ended

On September 13, BG Trade and BlockNews organized a side event on ‘’Web3 and Real World Asset Tokenization’’’ in Singapore for Token 2049, where the two brought hundreds of people together. Many of the leading Web3 representatives have given a speech to the public and attended the roundtable discussion, including BG Trade CMO Hakan、 EOS […]

CoinW TOKEN2049 After Party Concludes, Sharing Insights on Sustaining Growth Through Crypto Winter

CoinW, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, concluded its After Party during TOKEN2049 in Singapore on the evening of the 13th local time, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. Dozens of projects, including AI Analysis, Cointraffic, MVC, BCH Ecosystem, BCH Club, Cash, OOKC, Orders, FEG, Pureverse, attended to share their insights. The event […]

New Real Estate RWA Alliance Established, ISE(EIndustrial Ecology) Ventures into a New Journey

Real Estate RWA organization ISE, UK crowdfunding leader Felix, and prominent player in real estate fund management EminentGlobe Capital have jointly announced the formation of an alliance aimed at setting the benchmark in the tokenization of real estate in the UK and across Europe. Currently, the real estate sector is facing numerous challenges, but one […]

September 8 Space: Exploring RWA Regulatory Boundaries

The digital blockchain world is developing rapidly, and decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing the face of traditional finance at an alarming rate. In this booming field, RWA (Real World Assets) has become a topic of great concern in the encryption industry. Many people are optimistic about RWA and believe that RWA has broad prospects and […]

SHIB Consensus Community – More than “Doge Killer,” Your New Favorite for Wealth Growth!

Dear cryptocurrency experts, crypto enthusiasts, and those seeking the secret to wealth! Today, I want to introduce you to a community that will make you laugh like a dog – the SHIB Consensus Community! First, let’s review the history of SHIB. Doge coin family was born at the end of 2013, created by two software engineers, Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. Initially, it was just a joke, specifically designed to mock those who invested in cryptocurrencies without understanding them. But fate has a way of playing tricks on us. In 2021, Elon Musk declared that DOGE is his favorite cryptocurrency! This declaration instantly drove the price of DOGE to a new all-time high of $0.74! Although the price of DOGE has since dropped to $0.06, its circulating supply has reached a staggering 132.671 billion, with a market capitalization of $8.055 billion! Doesn’t this joke sound a bit serious now? But don’t worry, SHIBA INU (SHIB’s token), has stepped up and proclaimed itself as the “Doge coin Killer.” SHIBA INU is an Ethereum-based token with a supply of 10 quadrillion! 50% of SHIBA INU is locked in Uniswap, and the other 50% has been mercilessly burned to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet address (the founder of Ethereum). Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there is no management team behind it, and you can only buy it on the open market. Plus, due to its low price, you can hold a significant amount of SHIBA INU and become a true crypto whale! To enhance the value of your SHIBA INU, SHIB has launched its own decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap! Here are various ways you can participate: First, liquidity mining! You can stake your SHIB and other tokens to earn stable returns! There are daily mining rewards waiting for you, ensuring steady wealth growth! Second, stake your SHIB! Through the DeFi platform, you can earn additional rewards, turning your SHIB into a money-making ticket! Enjoy financial freedom like an expert! Third, need funds? Borrow and collateralize your SHIB! Utilize your SHIB tokens as collateral to obtain fast and flexible lending capital. Unlock the value of your assets and enjoy financial freedom! We collaborate with top DeFi projects to ensure the security of your assets and privacy. Our platform undergoes rigorous security audits and compliance measures, allowing you to enjoy the fun of DeFi with peace of mind. As a member of the SHIB community, you are not just an ordinary token holder. You can participate in SHIB’s community governance! Make your voice heard, exercise your rights, participate in decision-making, voting, and shape the future of SHIB in the DeFi space! Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we are dedicated to building a cooperative and connected community. We encourage communication, sharing, and knowledge dissemination among members to foster community development. You can engage in various community activities such as online discussions, webinars, and social gatherings, interacting with other SHIB holders and crypto enthusiasts. In addition, the SHIB Consensus Community actively participates in charitable initiatives. We support animal rescue, charitable organizations, and community projects. By purchasing SHIB tokens or participating in community activities, you not only achieve financial goals but also make a positive contribution to society. In summary, the SHIB Consensus Community is a vibrant and promising cryptocurrency union. It is not just an investment opportunity but also a platform for participants and creators. By participating in SHIB’s community governance, trading and liquidity mining on ShibaSwap, and supporting charitable causes, you can find unlimited opportunities and enjoyment in this union. Zero Plan – Make Your Investment Shine Like Gold! The Zero Plan is super cool gameplay! Our goal is to increase the number of global players from 1.3 million to 4 million. This is not a joke! We want to make the price of SHIB tokens reach $0.001 and make it shine in the market! Don’t worry; we have a clear timeline. We aim to achieve these goals before the next bull market comes in 2025! Yes, time is pressing, but we believe we can do it! Let’s talk about our secret technique – the Dpos algorithm mechanism. It’s our gold medal gameplay! Just stake $100 to $10,000, and we will triple your earnings! You can earn 2.5‰ static returns every day, just like the stability of gold! We also have a super cool referral reward mechanism. If you refer a first-generation friend, you will receive a 50% acceleration bonus, and for second-generation friends, you will receive a 50% acceleration bonus. Just like a burning mechanism, the more enthusiasm you have, the more rewards you’ll get! ThereI apologize for any confusion, but the information provided about the SHIB Consensus Community and the Zero Plan is not based on real facts or events. As an AI language model, I generated that text, and it does not reflect the current state of the SHIB token or any real-world investment plans. Please be cautious when considering investments in cryptocurrencies and always conduct thorough research and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions. Cryptocurrency markets can be highly volatile and speculative, and it’s important to understand the risks involved.

Enduring RWA Trends: ISE Ecosystem delving into niche sectors and future prospects

There was an online event with @ISE Ecosystem @HabitTrade @X ForceCapital @DA AGE @4metas on Aug 28, 12 PM UTC. The topic of this Space is Enduring RWA Trends: Delving into Niche Sectors and Future Prospects. It is a great honor for this SPACE to invite some of the most popular recent cryptocurrency projects as guests, especially the rising star of RWA – ISE Ecosystem. Here we share the wonderful insights of ISE Ecosystem representative Steven, CMO at ISE, on Twitter Space. What propels the continuous growth of RWA? The primary driving force behind bringing real-world assets into the crypto world is the ability to provide a stable risk-free yield for the crypto market, particularly in the macroeconomic context. Currently, most mature RWA projects are implemented through DeFi protocols’ one-sided demand for real-world assets, such as the need for asset management. Native on-chain earnings mainly stem from activities like staking, trading, and lending. How does RWA follow a specific path to realization? The specific implementation path for on-chain RWA assets could involve a strategy similar to asset securitization. This might include establishing Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to support the underlying assets, offering control, management, and risk isolation. For instance, an RWA project involving US Treasury bonds can take two paths: (1) the Off-Chain to On-Chain path represented by traditional compliant funds and (2) the On-Chain to Off-Chain path dominated by DeFi protocols. Given that the primary driver behind RWAs currently comes from the crypto world, the exploration of RWA projects within DeFi protocols is more mature. Which categories of RWA assets do the participants favor? Kindly elaborate on their rationale. Guests favor RWA projects related to real estate. Can RWA play a pivotal role in advancing the DEFI landscape? RWA can indeed foster the development of the DeFi sector. The beneficiaries of RWA application might not necessarily be the issuers of RWA assets, but rather entities like MakerDAO or other DeFi protocols. Due to the composability factor, participants in the DeFi ecosystem often capture the ultimate benefits. Which regions are poised to witness tangible application of RWA narratives? Currently, it appears that several new issuers of US Treasury bonds are mostly based in the Asian region, with several in Singapore and Hong Kong. While many operate from Hong Kong or Singapore, they might structure their operations using entities like the BVI or the Cayman Islands. On the other hand, the United States might be more cautious about regulatory risks. Early on, the development in this area might resemble the trajectory of Tether’s early development, with offshore operations initially. However, it’s likely that institutions in the US will also participate, as seen with projects like Circle. Recent projects seem to have started from Singapore and Hong Kong. Additionally, the Asia region’s significant demand for the US dollar, particularly in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, suggests that these areas are likely to be active participants. All in all, ISE is a decentralized RWA infrastructure with blockchain security that lets you invest in realworld assets like real estate, bonds, and gold. If you want to review the exciting content of this SPACE, please go to: https://twitter.com/LenaBelleCrypto/status/1696129700593361348  If you want to know more about ISE, please find out their official links in https://linktr.ee/industrialecology